He's a little BRIT different ;)

Chris Grumley is the number one choice and the Anna Maria DJ here on Anna Maria Island. Years of experience see him head and shoulders above the competition and you just have to read the reviews here on the site to see that is the case. Chris is such a nice guy, he's so personable, warm and friendly that you cannot fail to like him. He works very hard to make sure he is ready for any event and he does spend a full day of prep on any wedding he's going to be the disc jockey for.

Chris is a Brit and has been living on Anna maria for the past 12 years. He is married and has three children. Chris met his wife, Maria, through his work about 20 years ago and when asked what their measure of success in marriage is, Chris will always say it's the focus on each other and the commitment to their relationship that keeps it real. If you are getting married on the Gulf coast or anywhere from Tampa to Sarasota, give Chris a call at 941 219 2106 and take note of a true professional disc jockey who will work tirelessly to ensure a successful event.